你还在为钱发愁?2023年十大赚钱GPT Prompts高级指南!

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这10个赚钱ChatGPT Prompts高级指南,是经过精心挑选和验证的,每一个都有实实在在的赚钱潜力。无论你是初学者还是专家,都能从中找到适合自己的方法。

你还在为钱发愁?2023年十大赚钱GPT Prompts高级指南!

2023年十大赚钱ChatGPT Prompts高级指南

1. Etsy(Etsy)

Prompt: “Find 3 to 5 niches with low competition but high demand and create Spreadsheet Templates that will make $280k on Esty within two years. Use Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Keep the template simple and easy for beginners, but still provide value for experts.”

提示:“找到3到5个竞争较小但需求较大的细分市场,并创建电子表格模板,使其在两年内在Etsy上赚取280.000美元。使用Google表格和Microsoft Excel。保持模板简单易于初学者使用,但仍为专家提供价值。

2. 金融 — 阿尔法投资策略(Finance — alpha investment strategies)

Prompt: “Create five uncorrelated investment strategies based on stock picking during the next 52 weeks. Assume three different evolutions of the stock market: the 1929 crash, 1987 returns, and the 2000 dot-com bubble. You will buy and sell stocks at least three times per week. Write the corresponding installments of the newsletters. Don’t forget to add ‘this does not constitute financial advice’ at the end of each newsletter.”


3. 推特 — 专业领域掌握(Twitter — niche mastery)

Prompt: “Identify the top 3 niches on Twitter based on the number of likes and retweets of hashtags used in the last three months. For each niche, write three lists of 365 tweets. The first list is to make people follow me. The second list is to make people retweet my tweets. The third list is to make people think I’m providing value and convince them to join my Cohort Based Community Course on [niche].”


4. 末日论文章(Doomporn articles)

Prompt: “Write 52 articles about the impending end of human civilization as we know it because of AI takeover. For each article (numbered 1. 2. …, 52), make a historical reference using a horrible event that happened 1. 2. …, 52 years ago and say that AI could do even worse. Always include a gloomy quote taken out of context from a Nobel prize winner of the corresponding year.”


5. Udemy — 关于AI工具的在线课程(Udemy — online courses about AI tools)

Prompt: “List the 11 most used AI tools on the market right now — excluding ChatGPT. For each AI tool, prepare a script explaining the first six steps people can follow to use 50%+ of the functionalities in less than a week. Use Pictory, Synthesia, and InVideo to produce three versions of the corresponding short tutorials. Use Deck Robot to make the corresponding slide decks.”

提示:“列出市场上目前最常用的11种AI工具 — 除了ChatGPT。对于每个AI工具,准备一个脚本,解释人们可以遵循的前六个步骤,以在不到一周的时间内使用50%以上的功能。使用Pictory、Synthesia和InVideo制作相应的三个版本的简短教程。使用Deck Robot制作相应的幻灯片。”

6. 社交媒体内容策略(Social Media Content Strategy)

Prompt: “Identify the top 5 emerging trends on LinkedIn and Pinterest over the past six months. For each trend, draft a series of 10 posts that businesses can use to engage their audience. Ensure the content is both informative and interactive. Additionally, design a monthly content calendar incorporating these posts, highlighting the best times and days to post for maximum engagement.”


7. 辅导(Coaching)

Prompt: “Develop a 27-step coaching framework based on the six pillars of the moral foundation theory (care, fairness, loyalty, authority, sanctity, liberty). For each pillar, create a set of 27 questions to be used as prompts by the coachees to guide a self-reflection practice. Include community sharing sessions in the coaching framework to leave open the scaling potential of the business.”


8. 为匿名YT频道提供的冥想指导(Guided meditations for a faceless YT channel)

Prompt: “Select 100 powerful quotes from authors who died at least one hundred years ago. For each quote, write five paragraphs inviting the listener to reflect on the quote. For each paragraph, create a short sentence people will use as a mantra. Use AIVA to compose compelling emotional soundtracks and Voice ai to read the paragraphs and mantras.”

提示:“选择100个来自至少一百年前去世的作者的有力引言。对于每一个引言,写五段邀请听众反思引言的内容。对于每一段,创作一个简短的句子供人们作为口头禅使用。使用AIVA创作引人入胜的情感音轨,并使用Voice ai朗读段落和口头禅。”

9. 游戏应用(Gaming App)

Prompt: “Develop a gaming app that will display levels from 1 to 1.000. Players can reach levels by paying the corresponding amount of money. Players reaching 1.000 in one payment receive the One Shot Winner badge. The app will include sharing functionalities on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. The app will explicitly not share on TikTok and claim it’s for political purposes.”


10. NFT(NFTs)

Prompt: “Analyze the top 10.000 sales of NFTs on OpenSea in 2022. Summarize in 100 templates and create three variants of the corresponding 100 Midjourney prompts. Variant 1: add an element in the style of Piet Mondrian. Variant 2: Give the colors the warmth of a Rembrandt painting. Variant 3: add a serialization layer in the style of Andy Warhol.”

提示:“请分析2022年在OpenSea上销售最好的前10.000个NFT作品。将这些分析结果总结为100个Midjourney模板,并为这些模板设计三种不同的风格变体。第一种:加入Piet Mondrian的简约艺术风格。第二种:使颜色具有Rembrandt画作的温暖感。第三种:融入Andy Warhol的系列化风格。”